Return and exchange

Any order with is protected by 14 days right to cancel, allowing you to inform us of the cancellation and thereupon return the item. 

All items in the online shop can be exchanged or returned with 14 days of ordering.

Goods ordered through that have been opened and used are to be returned to under the following conditions.

The right of withdrawal/cancellation counts from the day you have received the item(s). If the expiration date coincides with a holiday, Saturday, Christmas or New Year’s, the period will be extended until the next normal working day.

In the case of several items arranged in a single order, but delivered separately or in smaller bundles, the period of the right of withdrawal/cancellation is counted as starting on the day the last shipment is received.

After recieving the product, it must only have been handled in such a way as to determine the attributes and function of the product.

Some items are not covered by these rules, or are covered by variant rules. This will be clear from the product’s description. For instance, because of hygienic concerns, the Sleepbag baby sleeping bag and Sleepbag blankets are not covered by these rights if the product has been washed or if it has been used by a child.

The right of withdrawal/cancellation is in effect if you inform us through an unambiguously worded message with 14 days of receiving the item. The address for this is, and we will send you a formula to be filled and sent with the item when returned to us.

Returning goods

If you regret your purchase, the item(s) are to be returned to: ApS
Skolegade 4, kld.
8700 Horsens

When returning item(s), it is your responsibility that they are properly packed. The condition of the item(s) is your responsibility, until they are returned to us. It is recommended to save the receipt for the shipment, along with any track and tracing numbers. Expenses for returning the item is likewise your responsibility.

We expect goods to be returned as quickly as possible after we have received word of your wish to return, and they must be shipped with 14 days of your decision to return.

Note that we do not receive packages sent to be paid on delivery. 

Documentation of your purchase and a filled formula of return are required. 


When we receive the item(s) we will check its condition and you will receive back the amount you payed at the original purchase. 

The amount will be transferred through the same payment method as was used for the original purchase. 

For instance, if you originally paid through credit card, the amount will be transferred back to the same card.

You can lose the right to receive back your payment in full or partially if the returned item(s) are damaged or in worse condition since you:

  • have used the item actively
  • it has been damaged under your responsibility
  • you have handled the item carelessly
  • you have not complied with the rules of the right of withdrawal/cancellation as laid out above 


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