Sizes and measurement

Does Sleepbag fit into your pram or pushchair, and should you choose regular or mini? Get our advice about what to be attentive to here. Overall Sleepbag.regular (0-3 Y) is made for traditional prams and pushchairs, while (0-2 Y) is designed to smaller duo prams and pushchairs, e.g. Bugaboo and Joolz.

Sleepbag is adjusted in steps according to the age of the child. When adjusting Sleepbag.regular in the smallest step (0-6 months), the length of the sleeping bag is 79 cm. The smallest step of stands 75 cm. With the universal carrying plate attached, both sizes have a length of 79 cm though.

When adjusting Sleepbag.regular to the largest step (1½-3 years), the length will reach 122 cm. By comparison, is 108 cm in the largest step.

The width of Sleepbag.regular is 55.5 cm against's 48.5 cm. But please keep in mind that the sleeping bag is flexible and therefore will fit into prams with a smaller width than the sleeping bag. Check if the width of the carrying plate (32.5 cm) can fit into your pram or pushchair instead.

Tip! Using with carrying plate in e.g. a Bugaboo Buffalo, place the bottom end of the sleeping bag in the pram at first and the head piece afterwards to make it fit smoothly.

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