Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

At we do everything in our power to ensure we act socially responsible, whether it’s the environment or production conditions. It’s very important to us that our products are created under proper conditions.

Bulgaria’s baby sleeping bags, carrying plates and blankets are fabricated in Bulgaria through a partnership with a very competent and professional manufacturer. Our partner has roots in Denmark, and you could say that his business is a traditional Danish 80’s-style sewing workshop relocated to Bulgaria. We can safely assure you a high quality of sewing and that our products are manufactured in a proper environment.  


We design and develop our products for the present. We make a passionate effort to ensure good quality in products, and that they live up to the safety standard demanded of Danish products for babies.

It’s important to us that you feel safe using our products. A Sleepbag baby sleeping bag/carrying bag is safety tested in compliance with EN 1466+A1:2007. 

We develop our safety requirements in partnership with Danish Technological Institute, who also conduct the physical testing. All materials are chemically tested at Eurofines. 

Code of Conduct

We wish to ensure our customers that our baby-related products are designed with responsibility towards both people and the environment. 

With’s “Code of Conduct" as a set of ethical guidelines we ensure that our suppliers are focused on both human and environmental conditions. 

You can read about the 10 principles of UN Global Compact.  

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