Activity Gym as a Set, Denim Look / brown (platform, play poles and foam wedges) – Washable Activity Gym for the Actual Everyday Life

On beforehand, it might be difficult to get the point in a washable activity gym for babies. There is so much else to focus on. Which one is better: Wooden, stuffed or plastic? Round, oval-shaped or square? Small or big? Neutral or colourful? With or without music?

Sooner or later, most parents get the insight of this. It comes as an enormous splash of partially digested breastmilk, and a cloth diaper usually doesn’t save the victims of the wave. The enjoyable tummy time is over. is a washable baby activity gym that withstands wash at 60 degrees. At this level, you will get rid of the bad smell as well as bacteria caused by spit or pee. Furthermore, the activity gym from goes into the tumble drier at low heat and will be ready for the next play round in a hurry.

The play poles are extremely bendable to withstand the challenges of everyday life – even from the romp of a toddler. Attach the Sleepbag stuffed toys Ulle and Walter – or your baby’s favourite toys in the loops. This allows you to decorate and adjust the play gym according to the age, stage of development and mood of your child. At this point, the play gym is even helpful if your baby is a little over-stimulated. The mat is designed in subdued colours, and you are to decide which and how many toys the cute little hands can reach. If you want to protect a sensory overloaded baby even more, our UV cover is perfect to make the impressions of the surroundings disappear.

The bottom material of the Sleepbag play gym is insulating. It protects against a cool floor or ground as well as warm sand on the beach. Furthermore, the material is waterproof and avoids the moisture from dewy grass to get through to your little one. With the Sleepbag UV cover attached on the play poles, the activity gym also serves as a sun protecting UV tent in the garden, park or on the beach. Enjoy the summer together, while baby is comfortable and well entertained in the shade right next to you.

Another unique feature of the gym is the non-slip foam tech support wedges. They help to prevent and ease a flat spot on the soft baby head. The wedges can also be places in the pockets on the backside of the mat – or right where you want it to be. The wedges are obvious for tummy time too. Place the foam wedge under your child’s stomach or breast to support it to get into a comfortable position and grow strong.

When space is limited, is perfectly stored on the wall when not in use. The pockets on the backside of the mat are brilliant for toys and everyday accessories that you need within reach.

Play mat: Nylon twill and plush with PU leatherette straps.
Play poles: Bendable fibreglass poles with foam, micro fibre and PU leatherette straps.

Care instructions:
Play mat: Washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius for regular wash or 60 degrees Celsius in case of e.g. spit, pee or need to get rid of all bacteria. Tumble dry at low heat with 3-6 tennis balls or likewise.
Play poles and wedges: Wipe off with a damp cloth.

Safety: CE-marking
Never leave your playing child unattended.

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