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Sleepbag.bycar is a stylish and thought-through sleeping bag for the car seat, which increases your child’s traffic safety and makes your life easier. With Sleepbag.bycar you avoid the struggle with getting your little one into a suit or jacket when you are going for a ride. The sleeping bag is based on the same temperature regulating technology as the Sleepbag baby sleeping bag and adjusts the heat according to the child’s need – neither too warm or too cold. Thick winter suits and jackets allow a little space between the child and the car seat harness. This can turn into a fatal situation in a car accident. Sleepbag.bycar has precut holes that are compatible with both 3- and 5-point harness’ in car seats. This allows you to tighten the harness perfectly to your child’s body inside the car seat sleeping bag. At this point Sleepbag.bycar provides a bag that creates a balanced temperature and makes it possible to fasten your child safely so you can go for ride with peace in mind. The closing system is simple and intuitive to use. Sleepbag.bycar can naturally be washed at 60 degrees and go into the tumble dryer so it will be ready for your next ride with minimal effort.

Attachment: Compatible with infant car seats with 3 or 5 point harness
Age: 0-9 months
Material: Micro fiber with plush and PU leatherette straps
Technology: TEMNI®
Care instructions: Washable at 40 and 60 degrees. Withstands tumble dryer at low heat.
Dimensions: 75x 34 cm
Danish design

Article and crash test video about car body overlay:

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